Thursday, July 29, 2010

Coming to an End

Our little getaway is coming to an end and we are sadly looking forward to packing our stuff and heading back to the realty of being home in our day to day living. For Lee and I that will mean daily visits to the oncologist for radiation and me either following him and sitting reading in the waiting room or just staying home reading either way all sounds pretty strenuous lol. We have eaten out two nights at fish or seafood places Lazy Lobster the first night and Rotten Ralphs the next. Both were very good and reasonable priced. Last evening upon my suggestion we decided to just eat a late lunch especially since we always eat a late breakfast, then take our wine, cheese, fruit, bread, & crackers and go to the pavilion overlooking the ocean and watch the sunset. We ventured down early just to see what was going on with the weather. After sitting with the bugs buzzing us for a few minutes we came to the executive decision to eat in the apartment and then just take our wine down to watch the sunset which we did. It was another lovely sunset but then it started sprinkling and chased us in the house.
So far four adults have shared one bathroom with no major problems. A funny thing though yesterday I had been sitting watching Grays’ Anatomy when the natures call sent me to the bathroom. I noticed a razor and tooth brush sitting on the sink but didn’t think anything about it and proceeded to my task at hand when I heard Lee in the other room tell Jim well you snooze you lose, someone has taken your bathroom number. Sorry Jim! I had my sound cancelling earphones and didn’t realize Jim had been planning to go in for a shave. Other than that we have done very well sharing the bathroom and the small little apartment.
Our casualty’s so far are: Alma took a little tumble in the surf after being hit by a wave and skinned up her elbow, I being stubborn and declining to wear sunscreen now have the lobster face with raccoon eyes, Lee bumped into one of the dining room chairs and scratched his arm and both Jim and I are hobbling around with sore backs. Other than that we are all hale and hearty.
A delightful time was had by all.

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