Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Tale of The Dog or the Straw That Broke Jeannie's Back

Sadly to say we had to take Hannibal back where we got him from. He just proved to be too much for a pair of senior citizens to deal with. Between the constant walks in 100+ heat several times a day coming home changing cloths cooling off just to be back out in the heat in another 2 hours or so, never feeling quite clean as I was always sweaty and grungy from all the heat. Plus constantly getting the little dog out of one mess after another we, out of desperation, threw in the towel. Hopefully Hannibal will be adopted by someone with more energy and stamina than Lee and I. He really is a sweet little dog but some people are just not cut out to be dog parents. Guess I gave my all to my children. So we packaged him up and back to the pound he went. I felt so horrible about the whole process I just couldn't make myself hand him over. I gave that dastardly deed to Lee. Well we got to Animal services and I was to wait in the car. The heat that day was 98. I sat and sat and sat in the car. After 45 minutes and no Lee I went to see what was happening. He had worked his way to the front of this huge line of people dropping off doggies. One was a lawyer who being a typical lawyer wanted immediate attention. He was none to happy and voiced his thoughts to one of the workers of how inefficient and stupid this whole process was using a few four letter words. She finely told him if he was going to talk that way he could just leave. He had told me he had the ear of all the County Commissioners and all he has to do was pick up a phone to get assistance. One wonders why he was not making the call. I started to offer him my cell phone but decided to stand in the shade and be entertained by his ranting. Well Lee finished up a stack of paperwork 12 inches high (well maybe I exaggerate just a tiny bit) and we went home to a quiet peaceful house with thoughts of our experiment into pet ownership. Today as I write this I am sitting in my jammies in my 72 deg house. It is hot outside. I do not know how hot because I have not ventured out in two days except to go to the pool. Yesterday I did not take my jammies off until 2:30 when we went to the pool. Today I plan to do the same. I will wait for my healthy walks when the weather cools down a bit.

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