Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Boy Oh Boy - Adapting to New Home

Well we picked up Hannibal today. He is a very loving friendly little dog. But boy oh boy is he ever going to take some training.

  1. He is very antisocial around other dogs. Wants to really bark at them. We will have to just let him be around some dogs and reinforce that is a NO. Maybe he will learn that he can't do this sort of thing.
  2. He seems to learn well. He is already starting to learn SIT but apparently whoever had him before played rather rough with him and he wants to bite at us when we pat his head and try to put on his harness. All this will come with repeated NO NO's. As to the bites. When He started biting at me I put him back on the floor and ignored him.
  3. He has gone outside to pee however we found two little deposits that he left for us. That is Lee's job. He put his little nose right in it and took him right outside.

So Looks like we are in for a lot of patience and a lot of positive reinforcement. He has already learned where the milk bones are. Doesn't want his food but when I put some leftovers out on the counter to heat for supper, he was right there begging. Looks like whoever had him gave him some really bad habits we will have to break. NO PEOPLE FOOD FOR YOU HANNIBAL. Sorry but they really aren't good for you. So this will be a learning experience for us all. Lee, me and Hannibal. But we will get through it. I think he will be fun to travel with. He really like his car ride home. At least after the AC cooled off the car. At first he was very hot and panting but once he got past that he loved the ride. Tomorrow he will go visit his new Veterinarian. So another car ride. This is going to be fun. Yeah Jeannie it really is. :)


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  2. Awww Jeannie some table foods are very good for them. Ask your bet...carrots, green beans are great treats when you are eating. Mine are rotten to the core. What vet are you using? I used Santa Cruz. If you used them pls tell all hello. I miss them over there. They saw me through a lot of animals!