Monday, July 5, 2010

An Eventful Week

We have had an eventful week. One big change for us is we decided we wanted to adopt a dog. Seems like almost everyone in the family has dogs so we decided to join the ranks. I haven’t had a dog for a good number of years. The last pet I had was my old orange cat that my youngest daughter brought home when she was still in high school. When she got married somehow the cat stayed with me. We never could come to terms on what to name him. I wanted Garfield. She said no! Almost everyone who had an orange tabby named them Garfield. So I said Morris. She said NO! The rest of them name them Morris. So we just simply called him cat. I decided to spiff it up a bit and spelled it Katt. Katt was forever doing what he wanted and not always what I wanted him to do so I would many times yell at him Katt dammit. So he thought that was his name. Katt Dammit he became and remained so until we sadly had to put him to sleep at the age of 18 ½. Actually I was on a cruise when he was put down. My third daughter was the one who took him to the Vet when he became sick and burst into tears when they asked what his name was and she said just cat. She thought it was sad that we had the cat so many years and never named him. I assured her he was indeed named. His name was Katt Dammit. But I digress. The last dog I had was Major a boxer who, like Katt Dammit, pretty much had a mind of his own. But they both had terrific personalities.
Anyway Thursday we went to the local Animal Control (pound) and looked at dogs. We liked several of them and decided on a little Chihuahua mix. He is just a cute as can be and is just the right size for us. Neither of us is capable of handling a large dog. Hannibal (my choice of names and not Lecter, Hannibal the Conqueror) is still incarcerated at this time. We have to wait to see if his former owner will claim him. We can only hope they don’t. At that time he will be neutered, a micro chip will be placed in him and he will get all his shots. We should know something by Wednesday or Thursday. If he gets claimed we will try again. Upon leaving the pound we went “pet supply shopping” and depleted the inventory of Creature Castle by a good bit. Still haven’t found the bed we want for him but will keep looking.
Dog business aside we spent most of the weekend at my two middle daughter’s property (Carol & Linda.) They have this big party every year. Oldest daughter (Mary) and her husband were here from Tennessee, Youngest one (Ann) and her husband was there. In fact most of the family, some we only see once or twice a year were there. Lots of good barbecue and lots of good food! Some of the Grandkids were not able to come due to being in the military or not being able to take off work etc. But we enjoyed those who were there. Weekend over now we are both worn out and plan on spending most of the week just chilling out and reading. Rainy days are good for curling up with a good book.

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  1. Oh are TOO much! As if getting started on blogging wasn't enough, now you are going to adopt a dog! Well, good for you! I don't know what I would do w/o my Kikki. We adopted her nearly 6 years ago.