Saturday, July 24, 2010

Guest Book and Beach Outing

For those lesser observant of my friends and family (like me ha ha) I have added a new feature to my blog. Up above the North to Alaska there is a guest book. Feel free to sign in and let me know who/where you are.

Beach Week:
After being house bound since the first of May and will be house bound for the next couple of months we are really getting itchy feet. So we were in the company of our good friends and came up with a little jaunt. After discussing and dismissing a few places we decided on the beach. My friend did all the leg work and came up with a beautiful spot and signed us up. Well wouldn't ya just know. The week (the only week) we decide to go there a tropical storm brewing out in the Gulf. Worst case scenario is we will all be blown to kingdom come or the best case scenario is we will sit in a motel room staring out at the rain. Oh will just our luck. One good point is we don't have to zip out in the rain every two hours with friend doggie!

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