Monday, July 12, 2010

Hannible the Horrible - Good News and Bad News

THE GOOD NEWS is that although walking Hannibal in this heat is a problem it must be done. It is actually building me back up. I had some big problems with arthritis in my ankle. I had been to the point that I was walking with a walker for a while and then a cane. I could just barely get from one end of this house to the other. When I got to where I could walk at all I decided I had to build myself back up so I started walking around the block. I could only walk just about to the end of my block before I was gasping for air and really short of breath. Now with Hannibal making me walk every morning I am now up to about a mile and he gets tired before I do.

THE BAD NEWS: We had a really really bad time Saturday evening with Hannibal. We gave him a bath. He did really well with the bath but while putting his harness back on. He bit and scratched us both up so badly that Lee was just beside himself. All I could do was sit with a towel wrapped around my arms until the bleeding stopped. I am on Coumadin so the least little scratch will bleed and bleed. Lee was so upset he was shaking. He said he thinks we have made a mistake taking such an aggressive little dog. Lee has had only had one dog in his life and she was a “One of a Kind Dog.” I warned him that he couldn't expect the same behavior from Hannibal as his LayDee had. He has put Hannibal on two week probation. In two weeks he must have calmed down or we ask the Vet to give him some sort of medication that will calm him down. We are just not physically able to handle this doggie as he is. I don't know what will happen but Lee is more important to me than Hannibal so we will just have to see what will happen. As Lee gets more and more treatments he will become weaker. And I just don't' know if I am up to doing all the care for this little guy. One thing I am going to try is to get a pair of heavy duty garden gloves and wear a long sleeve shirt whenever we have to take off and put on his harness. He acts like someone must have mistreated him around his head or on a leash. I think if I sit down on the floor, sooth him let him see the harness is not going to hurt him he may let me put it on without this major struggle we had to go though. Once the harness is on he is fine with it. It is just the putting on.

MORE GOOD NEWS: His potty training is progressing nicely. He lets us know when he has to go out. The only problem is when it is after dark the mosquitoes here are horrible and he is a very picky little dog about where he does his poops. It takes him just forever and in the mean time we are eaten alive by the mosquitoes. Can’t wait for cold weather! Other good news is he is eating a little better. He is up to about ½ cup a day of his dry food and all the chicken strip snacks I will allow him. Usually one per day and one Pigs Ear chew. He also gets milk bone when he does his business outside. Hummm. Nobody gives me a chocolate candy when I am good.

Later in the Day: Oh Ho! We may have Hannibal the Horrible licked! I did indeed go to Wal-Mart and picked up two pair of heavy duty yard gloves. I put on a denim long sleeved shirt and sat on the floor with the “beast.” I took off the harness let him play with it a bit. Petted him with the gloves to show him they are not going to hurt him then we began the work. I looped the neck part over without “too much” trouble then the struggle to get the front leg through where it belongs and fit the belly piece around him. He struggled, bit and snapped. I swatted him on his snout and we finely got him harnessed up. Then I played with him and petted him. I think he will learn that it won't hurt him.

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