Saturday, July 3, 2010

Blogging is "Such Fun"

First off happy day before the 4th to all my friends out there. We are celebrating today with a huge family party that two of my daughters host every year at the old family home which they now own.

Well guys this blogging is sure fun but boy oh boy (like anything to do with a computer) it is fraught with potential problems. Rather than retype all this correspondence I have copied and am pasting in here. Following is a series of email conversations between me and my friend and computer/blog guru. This is how my day started out.

Chris to Jeannie: Your blog is looking better and better as you add to and tweak. Nice that you added the explanation on your map so that people know there is more to it. I wouldn't have known about the little guy had you not mentioned it. Loved your video. Perfect!

Jeannie to Chris: Thank You Chris.
Something funny (or not so funny) happened to it thought. I was messing around with different templates trying out different things when all of a sudden I noticed the whole bottom of the blog was a different color and I have no clue how it happened or how to fix it. Any Ideas??? I even had to go in and change the explanation text cause it was the wrong color and didn't show up.

Chris to Jeannie: I've had lots of strange things happen on blogger and have had to just play around. I don't have your particular design and can't get into the dashboard of yours w/o your password, so I'd have to make an educated guess. Go into DESIGN and then TEMPLATE DESIGNER. Check the Advanced settings (one by one) and Layout too. If you can't find any way to change it there, then go back to DESIGN and see if you can view it at the bottom and drag it back down. Good luck!

Jeannie to Chris:
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!
I found your post about 7:00 am this morning. I immediately went to the blog and started fooling around. Bingo I got it back to a lighter color but for some unknown reason the map and the text seems to be in the footnote area. Tried moving around to no avail so then adjusted the color for the footer to be the same as the body of the Template. Well in the edit template mode the color codes are the same but on the blog they are slightly different. OK I can live with that bit of minutia but then the text dropped waaaaay down below the map. Every time I would go in and try to pull it back up my puter would freeze. I tried to edit in AOL and since AOL can be a bit of a pain sometimes I went to Internet Explore. Same thing would happen. Finely I was running out of time. I had 10 lbs of potatoes boiled, 18 eggs boiled both ready to peel and cut up, and all the stuff to put in the potato salad ready to be mixed in. (BIG family party every 4th of July) So I had to get this done. That done I came back to face the same old &%@$. Well I finely was able to delete the whole element and recreate it. The good news is Potato salad is done and blog is fixed (I think) Thanks for the help

WOW. what a catastrophe.

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