Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More "Puppy Progress"

Everybody seems to have advice on how to handle "The Beastie" Well I gotta do this the way I think best. I have had many dogs over my lifetime and have trained them all to whatever extent they are capable of being trained. I have had the "super dog" type that you just have to tell them something once and they learn it and I have had stubborn dogs with a mind of their own and they are just going to do what they want. Hannibal is just Hannibal. I have just about come to the conclusion that he really wasn't mistreated at all he is just one of the stubborn little guys that wants his way. And his way is he doesn't want to have me put the harness over his head and he really doesn't want to wear it. Fact of the matter is he has to wear something because in this community he MUST be on a leash. Besides I have a feeling if he was turned loose he would run off. I think that is how he became a stray. He was well fed and didn't have the fear of a mistreated dog. But back to the harness. It does not hurt him in any manner at all. It is not binding or tight. One piece of advice was to switch to a mesh harness and use a little cloth muzzle. I saw a dog with one of those mesh harnesses today and it looks like it would have to go on over the head just like this one so we would have the same problem. No sense in switching. I don't want to go the muzzle route. What is that going to teach him? He has to learn the house rules here and adapt to them. He is really doing ever so much better. I am listening to all the advice but in the end I am going to train him my way. I am the one who has to take care of him. I am the one he had to depend on for a good bit of his love and care so he's gotta learn I have feelings too and he's gotta abide by them. Today we took the harness off and put it on 2 times without too much trouble. He is learning.
Lee and I decided to start him off on few short road trips to see how he is going to travel. We want to spend some time and see how he is going to adapt in another environment with other doggie friends. He has his following here. His best buddy is Nola a very large standard poodle mixed with something else but can't remember what. Then he has Pudgie who is just what he sounds like. Again I think I misjudged him on the aggressive thing. I think all along he wasn’t trying to be mean. He just wanted to jump on the other dogs and get to know them.

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