Friday, July 9, 2010

Making Progress

We are making progress. Yesterday when we walked Hannibal was very aggressive with the other animals. Also he didn’t poop outside but waited to get in to do his business. Other bad habits are of course his chewing. He chews on his blanket, his towel that we put in his kennel and everything he can lay his little teeth into. Well let me amend that statement. So far, and I repeat SO FAR he hasn’t gotten our shoes and my slippers when I am sitting in my recliner are usually kicked off and on the floor. He is leaving them alone “so far.” We paid the veterinarian a visit yesterday. Boy that was like the national debt. Guess we will have to set aside a little “Hannibal goes to the Vet” kitty to pay for this. Today on our walk Hannibal Pooped once then peed 327 times. “Good Boy” you get a treat. Came home had ¼ cup of food. I put down ½ cup but he only ate half of that. Dr Bob said give him 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening. Then walk him in about ½ hour after that. So after he had his breakfast we waited a bit. He told me he had to go out so out we went. He got real excited to meet one of the neighbors and forgot about business. We walked around a bit. NOTHING! Back in the house in the bedroom (of course on the carpet) he pooped again. Hummmmm. This is going to take some work. He is still learning to sit. And he is learning not to chew up his bed. I’ll say this. He wears me out. He is like taking care of 3 four year olds.

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