Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beach Week With Jim & Alma

July 26, 2010
Welll here we are at the beach and a fine little apartment in a lovely secluded setting it is. We have two bedrooms a living room, kitchen, dining room combined. It is right on the beach. The weather today was wonderful, hot but clear and beautiful. The water is refreshing and clear and turquoise blue.
Getting here was a riot. We have three opinionated people who each had their own opinion of how to get to the beach, and then Alma who just rolls with the flow. Then we had three GPS’s. We had good old reliable Sally who got confused and didn’t find US 301 when it was right there in front of her. Then we had the Goolge map program on my Droid and last but not least we had Almas iPad. Alma’s iPad and the Droid (google map) program ganged up on poor little Sally. Problem with Sally is her maps are out of date but ya know US 301 has been right there in the same place for at least 55 years at least when I first traveled it. I’m just saying. We finely just quit listening to the GPS’s and went where we wanted to and we found the place after a fashion. For dinner we went to the Lazy Lobster and had a wonderful meal. Then back to our little place to sit on the beach and watch the sun set. What adventures will we have tomorrow.

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