Monday, August 2, 2010

The Great Clam Caper!

Today I decided I wanted homemade clam chowder. Now I don't make clam chowder as good as my big sister Bette, but over the years I have gotten to where I can stir up a pretty mean pot of "New England" clam chowder for a "Southern Redneck."

I buy my clams at Sam's and they come in a two pack of very large cans of clams. I knew I had another can of clams as I had bought my two pack and had only used one of them. I bent over and looked in the cupboard where I keep them and they are gone. So I get down on my knees (not an easy thing at my age and with my gimpy knees) I move everything in the cupboard and look and look and look. NO CLAMS. By now I am wild.SOMEONE HAS WAITED UNTIL WE WERE GONE BREACHED OUR SECURITY SYSTEM AND STOLEN MY CLAMS. Lee says let me look for you. Lee gets down on his knees and moves everything around. NO CLAMS! I KNOW I HAVE CLAMS! Lee (the sweetheart that he is) says I will go to the store for you. No, says I. you are limping around on a crutch. No No No, I am going for you because I know how badly you want clam chowder. OK says I you are a real sweetheart. So he leave the house and is gone for quite some time. He had to go all the way to Sam's. Presently he comes back and yells in to the bedroom where I am reading "you need to come out here"

Lee: Are these the clams you need?
Jeannie: Yes that is the right clams. Thank you so much.
Lee: Wow you didn't tell me how expensive clams are.
Jeannie: How much did they cost?
Lee: $89.00
Jeannie: $89.00 I shriek.

So at that point he laughs and tells me well that and the "few" other things that dropped off the shelf and into my basket. (What a guy! he is finely learning the fine art of shopping). So we unload the car and are in the process of putting things away all the while laughing $89.00 for clams ha ha, when I open my cupboard, move one thing and BINGO. There are my clams. Obviously while I was reading someone snuck in the back door and replaced my clams. So now I have a wonderful pot of clam chowder cooking and 4 more cans in the pantry waiting to be cooked. (If someone doesn't break in and steal them)

Hope you enjoyed reading a true story for a change. Things like this only happen to me.

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