Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tales From the Trail - Day 45 - 46 - 47

Denali to Anchorage - Day 45

Spent the morning driving to Anchorage. Not a bad drive and beautiful scenery as we have come to expect. Nothing stands to me as a happening. I need to get back into the habit of blogging every day as I find I am forgetting things. I looked at things to do while in Anchorage. Really did not find much to do except museums etc. There was a display of the Northern Lights (a slide show) that cost us $25 mol then there was an interpretive center where you could see two short movies about the Iditarod and about bears. This one was $17.50 each. Well we did the Aurora thing the day we got there. Had dinner and back to the motel to listen to the next door neighbors dog bark and them slamming the door. That was fun.

Kenai - Day 46:

I really wasn't in the mood to go back into the big city to do the other thing so I says to Lee, why don't we ride down the Kenai peninsula toward Homer. I wanted to look for this church my new friend Susan had taken pictures of and really couldn't remember where it was so we went on a search. The drive down the coast was spectacular. Many "Kodak Moments" along the way. We got as far as Kenai its self and there was our church. We chatted with the Priest took some pictures had lunch at a restaurant recommended by the visitors center and a wonderful lunch it was. We decided we really didn't want to continue on to Homer. Tom Bodett will just have to wait till we go to a Motel 6. He may have quite a wait but he sound like a patient man. Anyway we drove back to Anchorage. Had a so much for lunch didn't want supper so went back up to listen to more slamming and dog barking and to bed.

Day 47 - Driving to Tok (for the second time)

So up this morning and the drive was Anchorage to Tok and here is the excitement for the day. After driving 8 hours we get to Tok, find our motel and go to the front desk. We are told we are booked up. I pulled out my confirmation paper they look at it and say "Oh yes well we have over booked so we are sending you down the road to the next motel down the road. It is a very nice motel and they will be expecting you" Well after voicing my extreme displeasure at such a practice as over booking we finely took our leave and checked in here. Not a bad motel and it is cheaper so you can bet your boots as soon as I get a phone connection I am calling for a refund of the difference.

That is all. I am tired and we have a really long haul tomorrow. From here through Whitehorse to Skagway it will be a really long day so off to bed

Happy Trails see you all soon!

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