Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tales From the Trail - Day 27

June 8 & 9

Didn't blog yesterday. We spent another day in Edmonton. We first went in search of the High Level Streetcar but didn't find it so we took our second choice of things to do. We went to the Muttart Conservatory which was pretty cool. They have 4 glass pyramids (that looked like the ones they have at the Louvre in Paris.) Inside of each pyramid they have a different environment. The first one we went into was the tropical garden. Needless to say all tropical plants. Then they had the temperate gardens which was like the northern gardens then the arid - desert types of vegetation's then the feature pyramid which this month was the Celtic Gardens. Just beautiful. While we were sitting in the Temperate pyramid and enjoying the lovely smell we got to talking to one of the docents (we seem to do a lot of that) anyway we told her of our aborted trip trying to find the High Level Streetcar and she said "Oh I can tell you just how to get there" so she drew us a wonderful map and we got right there. It was just leaving on a 40 minute trip so we went into the village of Old Strathcona and had a bowl of really good "spicy ginger pork" soup. Then picked up our car and back to he motel.

Today we drove through the upper reaches of Alberta Canada to a little town of Grand Prairie to a nice surprise at the motel. The front desk clerk checked us in and as I was chatting with her mentioned it was my birthday. So she wished me a very happy birthday. Lee and I went out to get our stuff out of the car and she came out and said. Here I want to trade keys with you. I have a nice surprise for you inside. So I says OK what is it. She said go to room 116 instead of 201. OK I figured the surprise was just that she found us a room on the first floor but when we got into the room we really got our surprise. It has a full kitchen with a full size stove and refrigerator and a hot tub in the room along with a wet bar. Not stocked of course but what a wonderful room. And it is HUGE. We are going out to dinner then will sit in the hot tub with a glass of wine for a while.

All for now Till next we meet along the trail.

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