Tuesday, June 21, 2011

BFFD (best frineds for the day)

This is an addendum to yesterdays post. I forgot to mention the couple we met along the TOW hwy yesterday. While driving through the fog we were following a little car and had a feeling of confidence that as long as we were behind them and didn't see their tail lights suddenly drop down off the mountain we were OK. Well they finely pulled over and stopped and flagged us around. We didn't really want to go around but if was obvious they were not moving till we did. Up the road there was a rest area. I told Lee pull over so I can clean my undies lol. Well they came right in behind us and we (of course) got to talking. Well they started it! They were staying in the same place as us in both towns. They kept wondering who belonged to this car from Florida and now they finely had the opportunity to meet us. Well this started a relay all the way to Fairbanks. We just keep meeting up with them no matter where we would stop. Even in Tok they were at the same restaurant as us. It was funny.

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