Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tales from the Trail - Day 30

June 13, 2011

Rancheria, Yukon Territory

Pronounced Ran-che-REE-a

Today we experienced the bad road conditions we had been told to look for. Long stretches of loose gravel road. Then they tell us the really bad road is when we cross the border into Alaska. Supposedly it is entirely a gravel road and wet and slippery. Boy oh Boy sounds like fun. NOT! At one point in time we came to a full stop and were stopped for 20 minutes. Everyone just got out of their cars, campers and trucks and chatted. This is what we were told would happen and it did indeed

We entered the Yukon Territory today then dipped back into BC then back to YT. We did this about 6 times before they decided to keep the road in the YT.

Gas, continues to be high but nothing like at the Northern Rockies Lodge @ $7.00 per gallon. Food and Lodging is cheaper here. Last night at the Northern Rockies Lodge we paid $160 for one night. Here at Rancheria we are paying $130 for two nights. R&R day tomorrow. And what a beautiful area. We look out on the most beautiful little lake from our porch. Only drawback is hovering around the screen door are 8297 mosquitoes. Oh well we can sit on the bed and watch the lake looking for animal. Food is cheap here too. Good place to spend 2 days. Haven’t had cell phone service for two days and the internet here is very intermittent so this will get posted when I can get on.

It is twilight now all night long, (when it finely gets dark at all) it is amazing to get up at 1 am and see it still twilight.

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