Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tales From the Trail - Day 29

June 12, 2011
Caribou, Stone Sheep, Bison, Bear, Hot Springs & Lake Muncho

What a Day, What a Day, What a Day!
One of the best so far. Right up with the Mount Rushmore Day. All of the above along with some of the most beautiful scenery so far. Really glad to get out of the plains. We left Fort Nelson planning to get to Muncho Lake early so we could go on up the road and spend some time in the hot springs. Took us about 6 hrs to go about 150 miles. Every few miles there was some animal to see. I was looking for a bear but alas! No bears to be seen. Jill (our trusty GPS) took us to the most desolate motel you have ever seen. I am looking in the Mile Marker magazine thinking boy the only similarity here is they both have a red roof. So we asked some one and they said next lodge up the road. Well we road and road and in about 6.5 miles there was our lodge. It is beautiful and it ought to be. Is it ever expensive. So at dinner we read the little informational thing about it. They operate John Deer Diesel generators to generate their electricity. It takes 1600 gallons of diesel per month to keep the place running. All their food comes from Edmonton 2x a week a distance of 800 miles. Therefore everything is 60% more expensive here than in the towns. We paid $7.00 per gallon of gas and that was after a 20% discount.

But I digress. Back to our day. On the way to the hot springs about 40 miles further up the road we finely spotted our bear. Now my day is complete. The hot springs were really nice. Very hot though. I couldn't stay in very long cause I kept feeling my blood pressure rising so we got out and did what we did best. We chatted with all the other people who were sitting on the benches. After we bot dressed we had a picnic lunch and then backtracked to the lodge and a nice (expensive) meal for dinner. Tomorrow we will cover this same 4o miles again. Maybe the bear will be there again. There was no place to stay closer to the springs. Had we passed it it would have been further. This is really remote. For the first day I have had no cell phone service all day.

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