Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tales From the Trail - Day 19

Traveling through the Rockies!

We are slowly getting back on our travel schedule. After staying two days in Billings Mt. (noting impressive there) in a Motel 6, we checked out yesterday morning and spent the day traveling through some truly beautiful country. We traveled along I-90 from Billings to Butte MT then headed North along I-15. We spent most of the morning following the Yellowstone river then somehow were following the Missouri river. Both rivers were very full and running fast. Lots of snow melt and flood waters. There seems to be a lot about the Lewis & Clark expeditions here so we are following their rout so it would seem. Meriwether Lewis is an ancestor of Lee's so we are interested in all relating to this.

Great Falls in a pretty town and we will go out sometime today and take some pictures. Every time you turn around here there is another Casino. But they are not Vegas style Casinos they are Video Gaming Casinos and not real fun but we spent a couple of bucks and a few hours there. MT law is that they can only have 20 machines for each liquor licence and only the Video Gaming style machines. That explains why we would see for example two or three Lucky Lil's or Big Diamond's in one town etc. Guess one person will get more then one liquor licence then open up Casino's for each licence.

The Rockies still have a lot of snow on them and are beautiful. Fortunately we did not get to a high enough elevation that we hit any of the snow. We only got to 6000 some odd feet. Elevation makes it difficult for both Lee and I to breath but we just take everything slow.

We are in a Super 8 motel for two nights and after the Motel 6 this is quite a step up. We are here for two nights then we cross the border into Canada. Our first stop will be a town called Leathbridge. Seems like there will be a lot to see there so we are staying 3 nights. That will put us back on our schedule. Hopefully we will have no more delays. Stay tuned for more "Tales from the Trail"

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