Friday, June 17, 2011

Skagway Alaska

Days of the 98 Show Staring that one and only BUDDY LEE aka Lee Lewis
June 16 & 17

I am stepping ahead in time to bring you up to date on Lee's antics. We got to Skagway and he heard the town was rather wild so he jumped right in with both feet. He started almost immediately. We got into town on June 16. Came over the White Pass Just like the gold rush people did but we sort of got confused we came over the pass the wrong way but that suited Lee just fine. he LOVED Skagway. Right away we took a street car (and I don't think it was named desire either) for a city tour. The girls who drive the streetcars are just so cute and they dress up in period costumes. Well right away Lee got into the spirit of things and had his picture taken with one of the cuties. Next we went to the Red Onion for lunch. Well the Red Onion was one of the many brothels in town. One of the "Girls" took a liking to Lee and I thought she was going to drop her load on his shoulder. Well I got him back to the hotel safe and sound that night BUT today we went to the "Days of the 98 Show. This show is in its 85th year. Well the girls in the show saw Lee and really took a liking to him. They drug him (kicking and screaming) up the stairs and had their way with him. When they brought him back he had lipstick all over his cheeks and a girl on each arm AND he was in his night cloths. They were scratching and fighting over him. Finely gave him back to me and we got out of there in a hurry. All in good fun.

I'll catch up on my blogging when we get to Dawson. We are there 3 days. Just toooooo tired


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