Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tales From the Trail - Day 24

Edmonton Alberta Canada
June 7, 20111

Let me start this post by just saying I am not real fond of Canada. You have to be a millionaire to live here. Everything is so expensive. Will be glad to get back to the good old US of A.

That being said I will get off my soapbox and tell you of our hotel experience in Edmonton. We drove for 5 hours on Monday stopping in Vulcan. That is right, Vulcan. A whole town devoted to Star Trek. It was pretty cool. Traffic was horrible coming through Calgary. We had anticipating on stopping and going up in their version of the space needle but decided since we are doing that in Seattle we would take a pass. Just as well. Wouldn't have wanted to fight that traffic.

Anyway we got to Edmonton and were pretty tired. The Hotel was in a really crummy area and that didn't set well with us then the girl at the counter informed us there were no elevators and if we wanted to go elsewhere she would refund our money. We decided to stay the night. Well the room made Motel 6 look like a castle. At least Motel 6 is always clean. This place was a real dump. Floor didn't look like it had ever seen a vacuum cleaner and behind the bed stand there was all kind of trash on the floor and the rug was just plain filthy. I will say the bathroom was clean and the sheets were clean but we were really turned off by the room. First words out of Lees mouth when he woke up was "Lets get out of here" So I called around and found a room (double the price) but it is wonderful and in a much better area. We had been afraid someone might break into our car and steal our stuff but the car was fine and they did agree to refund the remaining two nights.

Got checked into our new motel then off to explore the giant mall here in Edmonton. Anyone who enjoys "Mall Crawling" would LOVE this mall. It is so huge it has a full sized amusement park with three different roller coasters and all other assorted rides. It has an indoor water park with a wave pool just like being at the beach several large water slides. NO I DIDN'T GO ON ANY OF THEM but enjoyed watching the people swim. They had some sort of a rope thing that people could climb all over and be secured with ropes, a bungy jump and a full sized ice rink were we really enjoyed watching some young people who obviously were practicing for competition. They were really good.

We had lunch at the food court and opted for the Chinese. Bad choice it was terrible. Oh well we had a good day all in all and were really tired after walking all over the mall.

In two days we will be traveling further North and I will spend my birthday in Grand Prairie Alberta Canada and we will soon be on the famous Alaska Highway. We will hit that in Dawson Creek

till next time we meet out on the trail

See Face book for more pictures. Had problems uploading pictures to the blog.

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