Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tales From the Trail - Day 28

From Grand Prairie to Fort Nelson
June 11, 2011

Well after traveling over 4500 miles and spending 28 days we finely reached he "World Famous" Alaska Highway. From Dawson Creek BC to Delta Junction AK. Now this is what it is all about. We have finely reached the beautiful country. We left Grand Prairie at 8:00 this morning and reached our destination at 3:30. A long day. We stopped for a pee break in Dawson Creek at a McDonald's and bought a mocha latte' then travelled until we needed gas when we stopped in some little way side place that had a gas station and a restaurant. We got gas then went over to the restaurant and had the daily special which was soup and pizza. Both were very good. A couple came in and we invited them to sit with us. We were the only 4 customers in the place. They were from Louisiana. I swear to goodness, the man was Paul Horney incarnate. They left Louisiana and travelled 1000 miles the first day. Their prime goal or I should say his prime goal is to get to Alaska. Sound familiar girls? Like getting to Yellowstone? Anyway it took them, let me see, let me count on my fingers. They left on Tuesday. This is Saturday. YIKES! it took them 5 days to get to where it took Lee and I 28 days to get. She wanted to leave him and come with us. She was carrying on how he doesn't let her sleep in or stop to see anything. We were laughing at them. He gave us some nice home grown tomatoes he had grown himself. We parted company leaving long before them and presently here they came around us tooting their horn. How funny!

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