Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tales From the Trail - Day 12

May 26, 2011

This may be the day!

We left Mitchell and are traveling through South Dakota heading for Rapid City and MOUNT RUSHMORE! Woo Hoo. We paid the most we have for gas so far in Mitchell. Shell station and it was $4.06 per gallon. We will expect to pay more and more as we head further west and then through Canada and Alaska. I am typing this as I travel so if I seem to jump around about where we are and what we are doing bear with me. In fact I don’t think we have internet in Rapid City so you won’t read this for a few days.

Passed up the 1880’s town and got off at next exit and went back. Twelve miles out of our way and well worth it. Lots of movie sets from Dances with Wolves and just an excellent little 1880’s town. They had the theme song from the movie piped all through the town and at the train station they had sounds like a train coming in. Well worth the detour. Then we stopped at Wall Drug Store and had lunch.

The terrain has been changing. Flat open fields and lovely old barns have given way to rolling grasslands and more cattle ranches. We rolled into Rapid City around 5:00 pm Mt. standard time. After problems with reservations and an exceptionally helpful desk clerk and owner we got checked in (upstairs room ugh) but the clerk helped us get our stuff to the room. Just couldn’t wait until tomorrow morning when we have our tour we headed out (as tired as we were) and saw Mt. Rushmore.

YES! After 37 years and 5 attempts we are here and we saw it. Yea! To bed early we have to be at the place to catch our tour bus at 7:30 am tomorrow. More later

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