Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tales From the Trail - Day 11

We got up this morning with a full plate. We had three museums to visit today. We wanted to see the Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Museum, the Dakota Discovery Museum, and the Enchanted Doll Museum We started off with the Prehistoric Indian Village which was excellent. It is an Excavation of a village of the Mandan Indians from 1000 years ago. Very nice. Then we went to the Dakota Discovery Museum only to find it is closed on Wednesday. Bummers! Then we went to The Enchanted Doll Museum to find it has been closed. So we consoled ourselves with a gift shop where we bought a map of the United States with magnets of the states. We found we had been to most of them or will catch them on this trip so we bought them all and will put the remaining ones on as we visit the states. We decided this was our birthday present to ourselves. Back at the motel we had lunch in the room and went for a swim. NO I DID NOT GO DOWN THE SLIDE AGAIN. Some other old guy went down but I noticed he didn't go the second time. We will eat out tonight then go see the Corn Palace lit up. Early start tomorrow to see MOUNT RUSHMORE.

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