Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tales from the Trail - Day 8

Today was a "chill out" day. After our big day of walking yesterday, today we rested up. We had our Continental Breakfast downstairs, came back to the room rested a bit then we took a lot of our things we had accumulated in the room down to the car as we are leaving early in the morning. Did our laundry and had a Whopper Jr for lunch. Then we hung around the room until 5:00 when Jim Durako came over. We went to Cheddars for dinner. Jim treated us and we had a wonderful meal. Lee had his Baby Backs and I had the Chicken Pot pie and a Caesars salad. Jim visited with us for a while before going home. Tomorrow we are headed to Mason City Iowa to spend the night. Stay tuned for more Tales from the Trail.

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