Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tales From the Trail - Day 14 May 28

We passed Badlands Park as we were coming into Rapid City on Thursday but we did not drive the loop. Were just in a rush to get to Rapid City and Mt Rushmore. Well some friends we met along the way our BFFD (Best Friends For the Day) told us we should really go see it as it is just beautiful. Well since we had seen all we had planned on seeing while staying in RC we decided to take our remaining day and backtrack to drive through the Badlands Loop. Well it was well worth the trip back. It was just gorgeous and we opted to take the gravel road down Sage Creek Rim and look for buffalo. After traveling out into the wilderness on this little gravel road we found a couple of very small groups of them grazing. We saw three antelope but they were too fast for me. They were gone before I could get the camera focused. We saw Prairie Dogs and that was the extent of our wildlife sitings. Back at Rapid City we bought KFC had lunch and enough for dinner. We did out laundry then spent the remainder of the day chilling out in the room.

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