Monday, May 23, 2011

Tales from the Trail - Day 9

Our first Adventure

So we have been on the road for 9 days and until today, NO ADVENTURES. Well everyone who knows Lee and I knows that any road trip worth its salt MUST have an adventure every few days. So today was the day. After lovely visits with Bill, Kay, and Jim in Springfield we had our (FREE continental breakfast (this trip is about seeing how cheap we can be and still see everything we want) we hit the road at 7;30 and Jill (our new GPS told us we would be in Mason City Iowa at 2:30.

1st detour. I had seen Canada Geese up the road from us (going the wrong way of course,) Since I had never seen Canada Geese on the ground before I asked Lee to go back the other way for a Kodak Moment. Being the good guy he is he went so we killed 15 min to a half hr there. Next stop out in the middle of west Wazoo Illinois,no rest area in sight we stopped at a convenience store to pee. Of course ya gotta buy something cause they will surly chase ya down and shoot ya. So we bought doughnuts. Well the were worse than doughnuts the were called "dunking sticks" and I am here to tell you the were surly duked in pure sugar. They were SWEEEEEET. Killed 20 minutes there. Back on the road Lee mentioned he would like to go through Bushnell IL. His home town. So we looked at the map and you have to visualize a big square. Well we had to go north then turn West. So I found we could turn West taking local roads then head north and end up on the road we were supposed to be on. Off we went in search of Bushnell IL. Well as you might have expected it was typical "Small Town USA" Many of the buildings were boarded up but a lot of them were still as Lee Remembers it from 50 years a go. We found the cemetery and his Parents and Maternal Grandparents grave sites. Saw the theater where he used to work, the house he was born in, his Grandparents house and the last house he lived in before going to Chicago. We killed a good 2 hours there.

We then asked Jill very sweetly mind you "Can you please find your way out of here? Ya know Jill, Sally could have!" Well since she is a more spiffy GPS than good old Sally Girl was, I think she got a little put out with me cause she took us on the most God Awful roads you have ever seen. Up one road down another and all just slightly wider than an Amish horse and buggy. Even though we were deep in Amish country we didn't meet one thank goodnes cause one of us would have to have given way. The roads were chock full of (not pot holes) but craters, It was a hoot. Beautiful countryside mind you.

This trip (or at least this portion of it) seems to be about barns. Some of my trips I am shooting doors but today it was barns. Especially old barns. Got some pretty ones today with not toooo many turn arounds for the "Kodak moment" Lots of farms here. Acres and acres of them. Corn wheat and soybeans.

Then we stopped at a walmart Super center. Got the oil changed, filled up with gas and picked up a few groceries. After all the delays we got here at around 5:30. Chilling out with a glass of wine now. As I said we are trying to be "cheap" so we cooked in the room tonight. Hamburger helper made with Spam Helper. Not too bad.

More tomorrow providing we have internet.

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