Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tales From the Trail - Day 10

Traveling through Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota.

We finished up with Iowa and traveling through southern edge of Minnesota and finished the day in South Dakota. Minnesota barns not that impressive. Countryside more rolling than Iowa. There are lots of windmill farms which brought up the discussion of how do they get the electricity from the windmill to he the destination. Had to text Jason (my google maniac Grandson) to get me an answer. The answer turned to be "Just like any generator of electricity. Through the power lines" Imagine That! We stopped for lunch just after we crossed over the border of SD. Had a sandwich wrap, strawberries, banana. and a nutter butter cookie. Another cheap lunch.

Here in South Dakota, this is the closest I have ever come to seeing Mount Rushmore and God willing in two days I will finely see it after 4 previous attempts. Woo Hoo! We ended our day in Mitchell and went over to see the Corn Palace. Pretty awesome!

Back at the motel and adventure number 2 of the trip. I don't know why I think I am still 50 years old. At 50 (or even 60) I could do all sorts of things. Well at the motel they have an indoor swimming pool with a giant slide. Now a few years ago I went down one of these damned things and it was fun but today I almost drowned myself. I got to the top and started down. Well the first curve I hit I turned over on my side and then fell over on my back. I finely got myself up in a sitting position until I hit the next curve. Well I decided to just stay on my back to the end. Thought I would never make it. Scared the pudding out of me. Not really the pudding but will try to keep it clean LOL. Anyway when I hit the water I flipped over and got discombobulated. I literally did not know which direction was up. Lost my breath and was really scared then. I felt like I was in that scene from "A Few Good Men" where they have to go down into the water in the device simulating ejecting from a plane and hitting the water. They get disoriented and don't know which way was is up. Well that is how I felt. I finely sputtered to the surface of the (4 foot) pool and got over to the side to catch my breath. Not owe of the smartest things I have ever done. Won't be doing that again. Cooked dinner in the motel room. Tuna helper this time. Tomorrow we will splurge and eat out. Have 2 or 3 museums to see then will chill out for a bit.
Stay tuned for the next exciting adventure.

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