Monday, May 30, 2011

Tales from the Trail - Day 15


Not much to report for yesterday. Rained on our parade all day. We were headed from Rapid City SD to Gillette WY stopping along the way to see Deadwood and Devils Tower. Road Conditions on the secondary highways are bad due to the rain, rock slides etc so many roads are closed.

We got to Deadwood and it was raining. Didn't particularly feel like walking around in the cold and rain (46 deg that is cold for us) just to see an old Historic Town so we drove through and around just to say we had been there. Then off to drive through Belle Forche. That is the town John Wayne was driving his cows to in the Cowboys so I says lets go look at it. It is right on the way. Still raining, another old Historic town so we just kept on moving. On to Devils Tower. When we got there the road was closed so NO DEVILS TOWER. Oh well we saw Shiprock in New Mexico. So on to Gillette where we spent the night. Still cold still rainy so we spent the afternoon in the motel room Lee doing his farmville and I piddling around on the small notebook. Sure glad we brought both the laptop and the notebook. Of course Lee won't fool with the notebook so I get stuck with that. To avoid going out in the miserable weather we ordered room service. Food wasn't the best I have eaten (far from it) but it was hot and plentiful and it wasn't the worst either (But close.)

I think when Lee gets up we will have to make some decisions. I have been on the phone and the computer checking road conditions and looks like Yellowstone is out for us. Lots of road closures rock & mudslides and snow on the road. They are saying use snow tires. SNOW TIRES? We are from Florida. "We don't have no stinking snow tires!" Then to put the icing on the cake for bad luck. I went out to the car to get our coffeepot (first place they didn't have a pot in the room. Micro and Fridge but no coffee pot) anyway I went out to get the pot and found a huge ding in the passengers side of the car. I hadn't noticed it yesterday so don't know when that happened. Lee didn't hit anything so someone must have hit us while we were parked. Ba&%$^rds. Oh well I sort of looked for a ding or two on this trip but I figured it would be from rocks flying on a gravel road somewhere on the Alaska Highway but nothing like this mega ding and while we are parked. Guess we will have to see a body shop when we get home.

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