Monday, July 25, 2011

Final Chapter of Tales from the Trail

Well I guess I left everyone who has been keeping up with this blog hanging there at the end. Sort of quit blogging about the time we got to Kansas. What's to say about Kansas. "Oh Look! Another corn field" Well after all the mountains we crossed on this trip (and you all know how I hate mountain driving) Kansas with its flat boring landscape was a welcome relief. Caught up on my napping crossing Kansas. Hadn't really planned to cross Kansas. We were going to go across Nebraska but due to flooding on the Missouri River Hwy 29 was closed at Joplin so we had to reroute. Anyway we visited Lee's brother-in-law in Holt MO and his brother and wife came from IL to visit with us also again. From there we went down to contribute to Mississippi economy in Biloxi then over to Panama City to visit Niki and her family (my Granddaughter) Then on to home last Monday. We have been home one week now and just getting caught up on our rest. Never thought I would want to leave home again after that trip but guess what folks. I am already looking and planning for future trips. Oh well go figure. So ends another one of our road trips and a wonderful time we had and a lot we saw and fantastic people we met along the way. So until our next trip everyone just keep on keeping on at whatever you are doing.

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