Friday, July 8, 2011

Tales From the Trail - Day 50 to Day 55

July 3 to July 8

Well golly gosh gee whiz. It has been a long time between postings and lots has happened. I won't even begin to put things in chronologically order I will just randomly post as I thing of stuff. Lets see I left off where we had gotten to Skagway a day late but still managed to catch the next ferry to Juneau. That being done we got to Juneau and of course being southeast Alaska it was raining and it continued to rain until we were almost to Bellingham Washington. I honestly don't know how people live in that dismal dreary climate. Sure its beautiful but when you are in your 70's (if you have good sense) you don't want to be out running around in the cold and wet weather. So between the bad roads in northern Alaska and the miserable weather in South East Alaska we decided somewhere along the way we are just dyed in the wool "Florida Crackers" and will just stay that way. So Juneau, what we did in Juneau. Lets see! We got our car washed and a lousy job it was, we washed our cloths and some other woman had the dryer tied up for ever so we went to Auk bay buy the Ferry terminal and found a laundromat and dried them there. On the 3th we were going to go watch fireworks but they were at midnight and of course it was raining so we went to bed pulled up the covers and went to bed. Getting a little tired of sleeping in the daylight. The midnight sun was a novelty but kinda over it now. On the 4th we drove over to Douglas Island to see what was going on. Nothing was. Apparently it all happned on the 3rd. There was a parade happening in Juneau so couldn't get in there so went back toward the Ferry landing and went "Out the road which is a 40 mile run to the end of the road and the people who live there call it "out the road" It was a beautiful ride then we turned around and came home. Also forgot to mention we went to see Mendenhal Glacier. It is magnificent. It is just so big it is unbelievable. After 5:00 when the parade was over we went back into Juneau and went to the Red Dog Saloon. It is a pretty neat pub, bar, don't know what it is classified but it is cool. Drank about 1/4 of a beer and had some potato skins and listened to live music. On the night of the 4th we went to bed early early early. CAN'T and I repeat CAN'T miss that Ferry. Cabins all booked up on the next one out which is not until the 12th. So up early and in line an hour early but we got on that ferry and got our cabin. I was quite surprised by the boat. I surly didn't expect a cruise ship I figured it would be way down on the list of luxury boats but it was surprisingly not TOO bad. The cabin was small and vry spartan. Bunk beds yuk! Lee took the top being the gentleman that he is. The food was not too bad. Have had worse. Had better too but it was edible and not too price and huge helpings so we split our entrees and bought a side of soup. So we spent the days sitting in the lounge looking for whales bears etc. A bear was spotted with her two cubs but of course I missed them. I did get a really good whale tale and some lighthouses. Big cause for excitement last night just before we went to bed. Number 1 there was a sunset. Hadn't seen a sunset for a while. Then number 2 just before I went to bed I looked out the window and it was actually dark and lo and behold there was a moon. Hadn't seen a moon or dark since somewhere in Northern Canada. Woo Hoo we are getting back to the normal way of things.

Tires hit the pavement in Bellingham Washington (the lower 48 folks) at 8:30 this morning. We drove down to Seattle went up in the Space Needle, decided not to have dinner there for a number of reasons. One being you have to book a week in advance and 2 we want to head home. Then after viewing Seattle and being devastated by finding out there is no such hospital as Seattle Grace. But then with the wacky Doctors they have who would want to go there? Oh well out of Washington state and into Oregon. We have stopped the night in Pendelton and will get up early tomorrwo and try to make it to Salt Lake City. That is about all. Can't thing of anything else I may have missed.

Take care and Happy Trails
See you all real soon now

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