Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tales From the Trail - Day 56

Driving from Pendelton OR to Salt Lake City July 9, 2011

Another long long day of driving but at least we had good roads. We left Pendelton OR at about 7:00 AM driving through some interesting landscape. We had long stretches of flat country (a welcome relief for me as I am tired of mountains) then some mountain areas but nothing like we have been driving through. These mountains looked to be very old and worn down. They were very rounded off and not high at all. Some of them didn't even have trees on them save for a scattered spruce here and there. Many of them were covered with a yellow vegetation but not flowers, some sort of a grass. At one point in our travels we saw Mt. St Helen and Mt. Rainier off in the distance. Both very impressive white snow covered peaks. We had good roads all of the way and in Idaho we took a scenic bypass and saw some fossil fields and some pretty waterfalls. Never found the old historic bridge we were looking for but consoled ourselves with a milkshake. Not a good idea for me with my unsettled tummy problems I have been having. Be real glad when that is all behind me. The speed limit in Idaho was 75 and then you cross the border to Utah where it dropped to 65. Boy ya gotta be ready for that one. Jill (the GPS) was flashing red at Lee to slow down. Well better Jill than the man with the blue. At some time yesterday we got tired of Jill's voice, fired her and hired Jack. He is just as annoying as Jill so guess we are just stuck with annoying. So that is all for Saturday, it is now Sunday morning and we are off to hear the Mormon Tabernacle choir sing this morning.

Happy trails to all and will see you real soon

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