Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tales From the Trail - Day 57

Salt Lake City and all that it implies!

What an incredible day this has been! It started out bright and early this morning when we gussied up and got ready to go hear the choir. We had breakfast at this hotel where we are staying. (oh I will add a brief addendum to yesterdays tale at the end of this day about this hotel) We had a good hot breakfast. Well it was good but it wasn't really hot but it was free so what can I say? We then headed out for the convention where the Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast their program live every Sunday. And wasn't it great that we got here on a Sat so we could hear the choir on Sunday morning. Just worked out that way. The choir was magnificent!
The spokesman told everyone to hold our applause until the end and surprisingly enough everyone did just that. But you just wanted to break into a round of applause every time they finished a song. After the concert we walked around temple square took pictures and chatted with the missionaries that were just everywhere. We asked a lot of questions and they answered all of them. We were curious about them and how they lived in general. They all seemed to be mostly young women but Lee seemed to think there were some young men also. They were from all over the world. The two we talked to the most were from Illinois and Australia. We wondered how long their missionary duties lasted and how they lived. They said they would save to come here and live. When they get here they would give their money to the Church, the Church would then find them living quarters and pay them a monthly allowance. They would stay for 18 months. Sounds like a good opportunity for a young person to see some of the world and work at something they believe in. They of course asked us questions like for example what church we attended and did we want to contact us when we get home. They were not at all pushy with their proselytizing though just trying to gather in all they could into their fold. We enjoyed our chat with them.

Well after we left the Temple Square we headed back to the hotel to change into SHORTS. YES THAT IS WHAT I SAID. SHORTS! We had moved our warm weather clothes to the back or our cloths rack in the car and have been dressing in jeans and sweaters since Atlanta. So properly dressed for the weather we headed out to Antelope Island which is the state park and where we could see the lake. Well we got there and drove around the island which is accessed by a long causeway. The causeway was full of birds. Just hundreds of them. We went inland and to the visitors center. Saw a few movies and then headed out to see the bison. They have a heard of between 500 and 700 depending on the season. Once the calves are born the heard of course increases. They have a big round up and test the animals for their health, then they sell them off to various places. Like other parks who want to increase their herds, private individuals who want to raise bison etc. We learned that while we call them buffalo and also bison, buffalo is technically incorrect. That would be their African cousins the Cape Buffalo and also the Water Buffalo. So they are really Bison. They also have Pronged Antelope and Big Horned Sheep. We didn't see antelope or sheep but we did indeed see the bison. They were all over the place and a very large herd. Back and for the across the road and right in front of us. I took some still Pict's and also some movies. I will attempt to put them on here and also face book. Don't know if I will be successful. Anyway a great day. We topped off by having a cheap dinner at Wendy's. Good Day

OK the room. We had booked the is room using our rewards points. The room was at a discount price of $79.00. We had enough points we got 2 nights and had to pay a difference of $37 dollars. Not bad. Well we got to the hotel and the power was off. They couldn't do anything for us. Couldn't find any record of our reservation and were very sorry but their was nothing they could do. So I showed them my confirmation number on my cell phone and they were still sorry. I said well I know it is not your fault but I have a booked and paid reservation ($37 ha ha ha) so where does this leave me? Well they were pretty flustered doing business by lantern light, people walking out when they found there was no electricity and people who were already here calling to complain. Guess the prospect of having an hysterical old lady in their lobby they started a manual search for a room for us. Well they found one and what a room it is. I am 100% sure this was not the room we were scheduled to get. First of all they said they didn't think there was anything on the first floor and I said well I am sorry I told them at I had to have a ground floor or an elevator. I have a bad heart and can not climb stairs. Well they found this room for us and it is a beaut. Jacuzzi, Micro, small fridge and a separate sitting area. Oh well we are in now so guess its ours.

That is all for this now. Tomorrow we continue heading East.
Happy Trails see you soon.

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