Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wednesday Mystery Dinner - Restaurant Review

So the trip to Alaska is now just a fond memory and 3059 pictures that I continually try to sort out to put the best of the best in some sort of order. Now as I wonder what I can write about on my blog the idea came to me last night after going out with our BFF's for out long standing date, our "Wednesday Night Mystery Dinner" As most of you may know we go out on Wednesday nights with our BFF's Jim and Alma. The plan is each week one of us gets to choose the restaurant we will go to and the big mystery is on the other couple until we pull up to the restaurant in question. We have had great fun with this for quite some time. The whole thing evolved some time back when we were going to one of these local organizations (no names mentioned here) where you get this "great" meal for $5.00 per person. Great bargain and food not too bad. That is until you have had the same thing for several weeks. After that it gets to be very boring and not that great. We had an executive meeting of the team and decided we should go out to a place of our choosing and have better fare for our night out. So thence our special night was begun. The plan has evolved from that first night. The first night we (by unanimous decision and not too much discussion we decided on Willies Fish Camp (f/k/a Fat Willies.) While we enjoyed Willies we decided we wanted to branch out and then we evolved into each person having a turn at picking a different restaurant and the other couple wouldn't know were were going until we got there. We have had a lot of fun with this and gone to such places as the very good but very pricey Melting Pot and such out of the way places as Cherry Pockets tucked away into the orange groves surrounding Lake Wales only to be found if you have a good GPS system. The search was all worthwhile as the food was good and plenty and very reasonable. The surroundings were rustic and tucked away on a beautiful little like. We have done Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Fish & Steak Houses. Very seldom are we disappointed with what ever choice is made. The next evolution of our Wednesday Night Mystery Dinner was to add our final entertainment of the evening. We all go back to our house (Lee & I) and bowl on the Wii. Now we have a the most fun with this. Of course the big competition is for the Girls to try to beat the Guys. Lee was a terrible bowler at first but is coming along fantastically (due to my tutelage) You know they always used to tell me "You don't have to be a good bowler to teach someone. All you have to know is the theory and technicalities behind it all" So as I teach him where to put his ball and how to throw it I keep getting more and more discombobulated. But we do have fun.

Now as to this weeks Restaurant! Lois, a friend of mine, who goes out more than I do or at least is more imaginative than I told me of a place called Shrimp Boat. So that was the place of the week. We went last night (Thursday) due to my daughters birthday on Wednesday. The ambiance was great. Many beautiful murals of marinas with sail boats etc. All very nautical. They even had all green lights on the right as you went in and red lights on the left side. The old navigational marking of "Red Right Return". Guess in case you have too much to drink with your dinner you can find your way out lol. The food was excellent. I had a trio of sauteed bay scallops, hand breaded shrimp and crab Au gratin with a potato pancake on the side. It was excellent. Everyone had something different and all looked very good. They had a wonderful garlic cheese bread basket and weren't too cheap to give us a second basket (more full than the first) without extra charge as another restaurant (who shall remain nameless) did.

Now we have a few more place we want to try out but a favor here if I may. If any of the readers know of a really good place to go send me a note on my email. Would appreciate it. Now I know I have some out of town and out of state readers so just keep it local please.

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