Thursday, August 18, 2011

Four Senior Citizens Get Crabs!

Wednesday night Mystery Dinner

Last night we went all the way across the bay to Clearwater. Target was Joe's Crab Shack. Lee and I had gone there quite some time back and loved it. Somehow just never seem to get back there. Their feature item is their "Crab Daddy Bucket." You get this huge water bucket sized but shorter and bigger around bucket full of a wonderful steamed variety of crabs. Lee and I got the Crab Daddy which had a half of a Dungeness Crab, half a Snow Crab and half a King Crab. You also get three small potatoes in their skins and a big ear of corn. There are several flavors to choose from. We go the Chesapeake Bay flavor which is the traditional crab boil seasoning. Alma got just the Dungeness Crab bucket and Jim not being very adventurous got a crab cake salad. It was all very good. Every now and then they would rev up the music really loud and all the servers would get up and do a different line dance. All very entertaining and fun.

On to the evenings finally, our bowling games. All I can say is the girls rocked once again. We took the guys on both the games. Both Alma and I were totally in our groove. Dummy me I didn't even take pictures but I can assure you they were both good games. We will see what next week brings. Oops! i forgot! We have other plans for next week. Will have to write that one up for you. Till then here's from the "Four Crabby Senior Citizens"

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