Friday, August 12, 2011

Broken Records

Wednesday Night Mystery Dinner & Broken Records

So we didn't have computer for most of two days. Our battery backup surge protector died so began the saga of deciding on whether to get a new battery or a new unit. First I called Best Buy and after being on hold for 15 minutes (which seemed like 1 hour) I got an associate who told me they didn't sell the batteries but I could get one from Batteries Plus. I asked him what a new unit would run. He said $59.95. OK Called Batteries plus. Yes they have the battery I need. It is $39.95. OK off we go to Batteries Plus. Yup they had it alright but they didn't mention I needed two of these batteries. Now we are up to $80 more with tax. So we go to Best Buy to get the $59.00 special. After talking to the salesman, Bryan, we found for hooking two computers to the system we needed a bigger more powerful unit than the $59.00 special. OK made sense to us so we bought the $129.00 unit and home we went. We tried to hook it up and the battery would beep constantly. By now it is time to get ready to go out for out Mystery Dinner. Its Alma's turn to pick. More of that later. Any way then next morning I got up and fiddled around with this new unit and no dice. When Lee installed the battery (following the pictorial instructions) I said I think you have to peel off that label that is on the battery. He showed me the picture and yup looked like it stayed on and you just shove the battery in. To shorten a long story bottom line we took the thing back to Best Buy and the "Geek" that was manning the "Geek Squad Desk" missed that one too. Finely a manager or someone else got involved and he pulled off the labels and bingo the thing worked. So we are up and running.

So Wednesday night Mystery Dinner took us over to South Tampa to a place called Datz Delicatessen. It was a little Delicatessen with a restaurant and a very lively and noisy bar. Looks like one of the watering holes for the after work crowd. Lots of young working people having their happy hour. Then to add to the din there was a family next table over who had a screamer child. The father wanted to take the kid out but the mother said "NO SHE IS NOT GOING TO WIN. SHE HAS TO LEARN THAT" So she held the kid on her lap pinning down her arms and let her scream till she got tired of it. We were glad when they left. Noise aside it was a very interesting place and the food was pretty good to boot. We were upstairs on a balcony type thing that over looked the main floor. Our view was the deli part. We sat the guy put a piece of cake on a plate for someone that could have satisfied 4 lumberjacks. Our portions were also humongous. We left fully fed and entertained and headed home for out final entertainment. Broken records! The girls managed to beat the Guys thanks to Alma's all time high score of 235. The next game the guys rallied with Lee's first 200 game actually it was a 201 to be exact. We all had fun even Jim and I seem to be struggling these days. Keep tuned for more Wednesday night fun.

By the way. How do you like Alma's and my bowling shoes. The first thing we do when we get to our bowling alley is change into our bowling shoes. My slippers and Alma's bare feet. LOL

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