Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wednesday Mystery Dinner

Another Wednesday Night and another adventure.

We heard about this restaurant from our neighbors that was "Way out in the Boonies!" Name of said restaurant is Cherry Pocket. And they are right it is indeed way out in the Boonies. We plugged in our trusty "new" GPS, Jill and off we went. Since it was going to be a long trip we started out earlier than our usual. Well Jill took us on roads even Jim and not heard of and Jim knows all the Florida back roads. We got there and found a dismal looking "shack." Well that is what it is called Cherry Pocket Steak & Fish Shack. It has a beautiful setting on a lake. And while it didn't look like much it was a delightful evening. Really good food and lots of it. Everything looked so good I couldn't resist it. We ordered all sorts of things meaning full well to take home supper for the next night and that we did. After Lee and I splitting an appetizer of various nuggets (including gator) then Lee got Peel and Eat Shrimp and I a Gumbo that would set you on fire. For our main course I had crab cakes and Lee had a steak. We brought a lot home. Having had enough adventure for the evening we took a more straight foward route home and ignored Jill. By then we had changed her over to Jack. This new GPS has many personalities.

Back home for round two of the evening.

Our Wed night bowling. The Guys against the Girls!
Well for a
change the Girls rocked we ruled the night. Still have to figure out how to kick "Smiling Jim" out that
first place spot.

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