Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Guys Rock once again

Another Wednesday night "Mystery Dinner."

This week it was Alma's choice. After an adventure where Jim took a little "scenic tour" down the wrong street and Alma and Daisy May (her iPad) kept telling him this was the case we finely ended up at a delightful new place for us. It was an Italian restaurant in Lakeland. Alma correct me if I am wrong, I think the name was Mario's It is in a strip center so maybe you just might pass it by without giving it a second glance but trust me. It is great. Food good and plentiful wine was good ambiance is great and the service is good. What more would we want for a "Wednesday night Mystery Dinner." Oh and of course the company was excellent!

Then home to what has become our weekly bowling match. We bowl two games
Girls against the Guys. I didn't post last week but REALLY the girls won. Sadly to say I have no evidence to back up that statement. BUT WE DID. This week the guys rocked. Check out Lee's score. He was on cloud nine. Good Job Lee. And drat that Jim. I chased him the whole game. All I had to do was mark in the 10th and would have beat him but alas I opened. We are having great fun with our bowling. Tried golf once but decided it was too slow for us. You know how "peppy" us old folks are.

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