Sunday, February 20, 2011

What fun we have been having lately! As usual on Wednesday we went on our dining adventure with our good friends Alma & Jim. Then on Friday night we went to Sidesplitter's Comedy club the headliner for the night was a hypnotist. Several people from the audience provided us with a good show and the consensus was split between us whether the participants were really hypnotized or just putting on a good show. In any case we had a fun evening. We also had dinner at Chili’s before the show so it was a full evening.

Last night Jim & Alma came over for a fondue & Pate’

party. Alma made a great fondue and I made pate’. We had some really good wine to wash it down and lots of laughs for dessert. After we ate we had our extension entertainment and it was once again the Gals against the Guys in a bowling match. The Guys beat us again. We have just got to do something about that Jim. He is turning into quite a bowler and Lee’s game is much improved. We just might make a bowler out of him at last. As for me I am in a terrific slump.

Don't look TOO close at that score with the boys celebrating I had to work real hard to break 100 on the game and then just did.

But we keep on having fun with it.

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