Monday, February 14, 2011

Hi Friends and Family

It has been some time (actually over a month) since I posted anything on the blog. Not too much exciting going on here at the moment. Mostly we are getting ready for out big trip (to Alaska) trying to think of everything we will need to pack and take with us and things we will need to do before we go. Every day I seem to think of something else that will need to be done, gathered and packed etc. But as the days get shorter and shorter we are getting more and more excited.

Here on the home front we are entertaining ourselves watching our Boxed DVD sets. Currently we are watching NCIS and really enjoying it. Of course I have always loved JAG and found NCIS is created by the same people so it is tops with me. Just love the characters especially Ziva David (pronounced Da Vee) and Abigail (Abbs.) Also we are re-watching Lost. Along with our TV we are busy reading whatever book we can download on our kindles. Lee is finishing up the Rizoli and Isles series of books and I am currently re reading Roots. I read this book over 30 years ago when It first was published and am enjoying it more and more this time. The most amazing thing happened a couple of days ago. As I was reading the book the name of the family popped out at me. I went to the computer where I keep all my genealogy records and lo and behold the family who owned the salve Kunta Kinta was some of Lee’s ancestors. Lee’s sister Nancy always told me that some of them were prominent

plantation owners but had no idea they were connected with that particular family. Small world it is.

Here is the other thing we have been having fun with. Every Wednesday we go with our friends Jim and Alma to a different restaurant to eat. Every week a different one of us takes turn choosing the restaurant and of course it is a big secret where we are going until we get there. So far along with the old tried and true Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Cheddars, Jessie’s, Willies, Angelina’s, The Cheesecake Factory, California Pizza and the Oaks, we have tried some new places such as Dunderbaks, Four Green Fields and The Melting Pot. This past week it was Lee’s turn to take us somewhere new so we went to J. Alexander’s on Dale Mabry. A good choice, they had really great prime rib. At Dunderbaks we sampled the German fare and beer which was very good and at Fou

r Green Fields we were treated to the live entertainment of and Irish singer along with good Irish grub and Guinness beer. This week it will be Jim who chooses so we are waiting anxiously to see where we will go on our Wednesday adventure.

Last week we tried something else new and had a lot of fun. We invited Jim and Alma over for a Wii party. Alma and I whopped Lee and Jim at bowling but the guys (thanks to my horrible game) whipped us in golf. We were going to have a repeat party last Friday but something came up but we will definitely have to do this again and I must practice my golf. For those of you who may not know. Wii is an electronic game you p

lay in front to the TV. Very realistic and lots of fun.

So until the next blog, a very Happy Valentine to all, be good and be safe. Well be safe anyway, no

fun being good ha ha.

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