Tuesday, February 15, 2011

As Gomer Pyle used to say, "Well Gaaollly." Didn't write anything for a month then bingo here I am writing again.

I always thought these things only happened to me until I talked to other people and found these sorts of things just abound. You may remember the story of the "Great Clam Caper" whereby some dastardly person sneaked into my house and stole my clams. Well He is at it again! I once had a pair of slippers that I liked to pack when I travel because they folded down to just nothing. Well somewhere along the way, one went amiss. I kept the other one thinking someday this horrible person would sneak back in trying to steal the other one and I would catch him/her. Well time passed and one slipper stayed in my drawer all by its lonesome. Then we went on a cruise some years back and the cruise line furnished some slippers so I started packing those when I traveled. Well lo and behold the sneaky thief got one of those also. He must be one legged cause he only steals one slipper. Well this went on for quite some time with two odd slippers in my drawer. Yesterday Lee was doing the wash when he gave my P.J.s to put away. I opened the drawer and there they were! The dastardly thief had once again snuck into the house and this time replaced what he had stolen. There in my drawer were two pairs of slippers.

Now I'm just saying! Go Figure!

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