Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Blue Ray Player Saga

Well when people ask me how I like my Kindle and would I recommend it I emphatically DO recommend it. I love my Kindle. One might ask, What does all this have to do with a Blue Ray Player. Well If you ask me "Do I recommend a Blue Ray player" I will just as emphatically say not only NO but H...L NO! We have had the Blue ray for some time now. Usually just watch regular DVDs because the Blue Rays are so much more expensive. Well when the latest Harry Potter movie came out we bought the Blue Ray version. Got instructions that we had to do something on the computer and download something yadaity ya yadity ya. Well all this sounded way too complicated so we returned it and got the regular Harry Potter DVD. Last week we wanted the final episode of 24 so we went to our trusty DVD store, Movie Stop where we buy most of our DVDs and found the 8th season of 24. We found that we could get a copy of a Blue Ray for half the price so foolish us we bought it. Brought it home and BINGO! It wouldn't play. Thus began the saga! I called Best Buy and found I could take the player to them and they would upgrade it for $65. Well that was totally unacceptable to me. They said I could go to, download the latest edition of "firmware" software then just extract the file, put it in the player and it would upgrade the system. HA! First of all when I downloaded it I had to have some sort of unzipping software to extract the file. Found all the software and found that it was free but had to buy business cards. I forget what they wanted for the cards but NO I didn't want business cards. So after fiddling around with this for a bit I decided to call my Grandson Travis who is very smart and electronically savvy. Travis came over and we worked on this all evening. Couldn't get the damned program to burn properly so it would play on the Blue Ray player. then he found a link that they would send me a disk for FREE. I said go ahead and order the free copy and I will just pop it in when it comes. Today I get an email from Sony systems support that my order has been cancelled due to credit card issues. HELLO? What happened to FREE. So after ranting and raving around a bit I notice a number in the email I can call. Why don't i just read the whole damned thing to begin with? Anyway I called the number. It tells me "for extended hour assistance I should call this other number" So I called the other number and had to go through at least 10 levels of Menes where I had to push this number and that number. After a bit I got in touch with Gerald from El Salvador who tells me not to worry. I said yeah right Gerald I have heard that one before. But anyway happy ending (I hope) Gerald is sending me the disk and it is on the way as we speak supposedly. And in 7 to 10 days I will be watching season 8 of 24. We will see!

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