Saturday, November 27, 2010

What a Week!

This has been a busy busy week. Some of it good and some of it just downright hellish and busy. We started out by getting home from our Transatlantic Cruise on Saturday the 20th. Saturday was the day from Hell to begin with. We landed in Miami at around 6:00 am Sat morning, disembarked and after standing in the "Line from Hell." I can't imagine what took us so long to get through this line and get our suitcases but finely made that hurdle. We got a porter to take our suitcases out the bus which was another adventure. Had trouble finding our bus but finely saw our people getting on a bus so we figured this is our bus. When we got there they put our suitcases in the bus but some guy standing there kept telling us it was not the discovery travel bus. Don't get on! Well I finely just got on as our suitcase were there and everybody else from our group was there. We got to the airport and found another porter who helped us with our suitcases then walked around to our gate. We decided to get something to eat but all that was there was a pizza place so Lee & I, Jim & Alma caught a people mover and went to another gate. Had a wonderful meal of an American Burger, fries and a beer. We were standing by the place to catch a people mover to take us back to our gate when some of our people came by telling us that they had changed our gate and here we were right by it so that was lucky. Then we had a long wait. Our plane wasn't until around 4:00 or sometime thereabouts. So we settled in for the long wait. Then a very short flight to Tampa and another bus to Strawberry Ridge.

Since Thursday was Thanksgiving we decided not to put up any Christmas Decorations this year. That was until I talked to Linda. Seems some of her friends want to come around and visit every ones villages so ......... that is what we did for the rest of the week. We drug heavy boxes down from the shed, cleaned the floors in the living room, moved around all the furniture, and set up the village. What a job that all was.

Mingled in with all the Village activity on Monday evening we discovered the dishwasher wasn't working so we called our trusty faithful and speedy repair man, Brian who came right out on Tuesday morning. Brian said it would cost almost as much to fix this dishwasher as to get a new one. Well I said to Lee "Gee we won't be able to get it by Thanksgiving. You will have all those dishes to wash by hand Why can't you Brian says? We can??? I asked in amazement. Sure Let me see what I can do and I'll call you back." Well long story short. Brian was back on Wednesday Morning, brand new dishwasher in tow and I was just finishing up my village. Then we had a wonderful meal and visit with all the children, and grandchildren who were in town and not committed elsewhere. Yesterday and today we have been chilling out and recuperating. So ends the week.

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