Thursday, November 4, 2010

TransAtlantic Cruise

The big day is almost here. We have waited for this cruise for a year and are so excited. Tomorrow will be a very long day. We leave Strawberry Ridge at 9:00 am for the airport. There we have to wait until 12:30 for our flight but due to the long lines that is fine with me. Sure don't want to miss this plane. A short flight to Atlanta and then another long wait. Again I don't mind as we will have a chance to grab a bite in the airport. Then the 6 hour flight to Barcelona. Once in Barcelona we will have a long bus ride to the cruise terminal where there will most likely be another long wait to get checked in and board. Once on the ship we will be taken to our room and drop our carry on bags . Can't do much there until our luggage finds its way to us then we unpack, feather our nest then can take off and explore the ship and watch it sail out of the harbour. Well that is my take on how the day will proceed but we will see how close I am to it all. Stay tuned for out adventures on the trip.

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