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Ingleby Village

Ingleby Village
By Jeannie Lewis

The village of Ingle sits high on a cliff in the northernmost area of Maine overlooking the ocean. In the town there is a high meadow pond where the townspeople skate in the winter and fish in the summer. In the lower valley farmland is a beautiful little stream runs through with a mill house and pond. Ingleby maintains its early American charm with its quaint old buildings and early American Dress. Progress has passed Ingleby by in many ways. Mr. Ingleby still rides around in a horse and buggy even though motor vehicles have been on the market for quite some time now. Ingleby is run with the iron fist of Norman Ingleby who is the banker of the town and holds mortgages on all the properties. Norman is the descendant of a Frenchman named Guillaume Couture who came to New France in 1641. Guillaume has quite an interesting story of his own but for now we will concentrate on Norman Ingleby. Normans’ family has always had wealth and privilege but Norman who was the rouge of the family has quite a few skeletons in his closet. In the early 1920’s young Norman went to New York City where he met a young man named Santos Trafficante. Since his Fathers death Santos was the head of the Tampa Mafia in Florida. Santos and Norman hit it off from the start. The young Mafia Don told Norman of his rum running and drug dealings with Cuba. Norman had never imagined going to Cuba but became convinced this was the thing to do. He and Santos made plans to form a partnership and off Norman went to Cuba where he experienced the high life of the Cuban clubs. Norman spent many hours roaming from club to club with Santos and his friends. Norman hand a romantic fling with a dark eyed beauty in Cuba forgetting all about his family at home. After 3 years of the high life Norman Senior arrived in Cuba dragging his son home to settle down and get married to the town beauty and take over managing Ingleby Village.

After his fling Norman settled into the quite life of Ingleby but still maintained his wild life. He had an affair with the beautiful housekeeper Lyla who became pregnant. Lyla married the postmaster who had always loved her and they had their child who they named Jamie. Jamie was always the town clown. Everyone said he would never amount to anything but the year of the big fishing tournament came and Jamie entered the tournament. Jamie rented a small rowboat and rowed out to sea. Toward the end of the day Jamie snagged onto a fish. The fish was the monster of all fish. Jamie fought and struggled with the fish for two days being dragged further and further out to sea. On the third day the fish gave up the fight and Jamie pulled him in onto the boat. The fish was so big his head hung over one end of the boat and his tail over the other end. Jamie rowed and rowed and was finely spotted by the lighthouse keeper who had maintained vigil throughout the ordeal keeping watch for Little Jamie. Jamie won the contest and bought his mother, who was now a poor struggling widow, a Bed and Breakfast with the winnings. Jamie settled down and married the little girl who sells Christmas wreaths in front of the town cafe.

In the meantime Mr. Ingleby had maintained a running feud with a local farmer named Trent Carrillo. Ingleby felt the farmer was encroaching on property that belonged to him. Ingleby did all sorts of dastardly deeds such as cutting off the water supply to the farm. Trent built a mill house and diverted the creek to water his crops. Still Ingleby persisted. Trent hired some help from a close by village of Peyton Place in Riverview and they managed to fend off Ingleby. Little did Ingleby know but young Trent was his son by the dark eyed Cuban beauty. Trent had stowed away on Ingleby’ last rum ship out of Cuba. Trent sailed into the port of Tampa and set about becoming an American. Trent worked on the railroads up and down the coast. Trent was an avid gambler and made his fortune playing poker in the caboose of the trains. When Trent was well established and had money in his pockets he arrived in the town of Ingleby and bought his farm land. Ingleby was outraged that this interloper had gone behind his back and laid claim to the best farmland around. Inglebys’ wife had made the deal while Ingleby was laid up with a bout of the flu.

Seems like Ingleby constantly has his share of woes. Now came the year of the Gypsies. One dark night a group of Gypsies came into town and set up their carnival without permission or permits. Ingleby was to say the least outraged. He went into town shotgun in hand to confront the Gypsies and shut them down. Well Norman had a change of heart this Christmas. He came down on his buggy and looked around. "His People" were having such a great time at the carnival that he put away his shotgun and negotiated with the Gypsies. He had a piece of land way down in the hollow and if they would promise to give him a 75% cut of the profit he would lease the land to them for 99 years. The Gypsies being pretty shrewd agreed to a 50% cut and a 150 year lease. Since he (Ingleby) figured he may lose a lot of business in the town by the townspeople who threatened to go to Peyton Place to do all their Christmas Shopping, agreed to the Gypsies terms. Ya know Ingleby is a finagler anyway and always looking for a way to line his pockets. Also by doing this deal with the Gypsies he doesn’t have to deal with all the County’s red tape and put out all that money for the big Urban Renewal project he planned for next year. He is saving a bunch PLUS pocketing 50% of the Gypsies take. The piece of land he leased to the Gypsies is pretty ragged looking right now we had to wait for a big snowfall to hide some of the debris left by the construction of the Carnival. But the carnival is up and running and everyone is having a grand time. As for Ingleby he is up in his mansion drinking eggnog and counting his take from the carnival.
All was going pretty well until this shyster Mayor of Peyton place decided he wanted the carnival so he hired a lawyer to stir up the Gypsies. The lawyer came into town in a hot air balloon well can you imagine Mr. Mayors surprise when the lawyer landed and found some of his own relatives from the old country were the Gypsies in question. The lawyer was Jewish and the Gypsies are Jewish Gypsies. So the lawyer Mr.Linskey severed his contract with the Mayor, joined his kinsman and set his balloon up as a ride. His is now representing the Gypsies pro bono.

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