Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Please Pass the Salt!

Seems Like I have to eat some crow here. When I first moved into Strawberry Ridge I noticed many many people had golf carts. I said in my snooty manner that I can conjure up from time to time "What in the world do I need a golf cart for? I have a car and if I want to go somewhere here in the park I will just get in my car and go. Also it is just too much trouble pulling the car out and getting the golf cart out every time we want to use it. Well a good friend let us cart sit with her cart while she is out of town and we found we really had fun be-bopping around the park in the golf cart so guess what folks? We went out and bought our own. Not only that we have taken out bushes beside our house and plan to put in cement to extend our driveway so we can just drive the golf cart right into the side of the carport up in front of our car. Not having to move the car at all. So thank you very much I would like my crow deep southern fried and plenty of salt please.

And seems like some folks (lots of them as a mater of fact) have little doggies they take for rides in their carts. Well we've been there done that (Shades of Hannibal the Horrible) so Lee said he can be my little Doggie. The cart is mine and the car is his. So I ride him around the park. Cute little doggie isn't he!

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