Thursday, March 3, 2011

Trip coming up soon

Been really busy this week getting ready for our trip. Spent most of the week booking hotels through If I stay 10 nights I get one free. Usually don't book ahead when we do road trips. So far our road trips have just been cross country with plenty of Motel 6's along the way and have not had trouble getting rooms on the fly. Never wanted to be tied to a schedule in the past. However there are certain things we want to do in Alaska and had to book them in advance so to insure we had a place to stay when we get there I decided to just book those places in advance. Well I got wrapped up in this and decided to book the entire trip. So far I have booked 45 out of 70 days we are scheduled to be on the road. Have booked an Arctic Circle bus tour up Dalton Highway, The ferry down the inside passage, and a train ride over White pass from Whitehorse to Skagway and back again. Still need to book a whale watching trip somewhere along the way. Good thing I started booking early. Had trouble getting rooms at Yellowstone and Denali NP's And the people at the Marine Highway (Ferry) said if you don't book a cabin some time in Oct or Nov there wouldn't be cabins available in May. Sure don't want to spend 3 nights stretched out in a recliner chair sleeping.

Next I have been creating a really neat workbook in Excel. Using the snipping tool that is furnished with Windows I have been snipping pictures and booking information and creating a sheet for each stop we make. On the sheet I used the insert shapes tool to create "sticky notes" with little comments etc. Each sheet in the workbook has a different colored tab. It is pretty cool.

Also have started my packing list of everything we want to take with us. Gee, hope the car is big enough. We may just have to buy a box van to put all this stuff in it, LOL.

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